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Is Rent a Center a bad idea?

The truth is, if you can’t afford to buy furniture, household appliances and other items, you shouldn’t even consider going to a store like Rent a Center in the first place. They prey on people who need certain items but can’t afford them.

Can you order from Rent A Center online?

Rent-A-Center is altering how it fulfills online orders and limiting in-store shoppers. … Customers can shop and complete rental agreements online and them set up payments (including automatic payment plans) via website, mobile app, or by calling their local store. Curbside payments are also available.

How do I apply for rent a center?

With no credit needed, you have the option to start your obligation-free application online or head to our nearest store in California to fill one out. Call (800) 655-5510 and we can help connect you with the Rent-A-Center store nearest you.

Is Rent a Center and Aarons the same company?

Aaron’s (NYSE:AAN) and Rent-A-Center (NASDAQ:RCII) operate in a consistent but uninspiring business. … They both lease goods such as appliances, computers, furniture, and other accessories under rental agreements to customers.

Does rent a center call your employer?

Rent-a-Center will contact your employer to verify your income as well as the references you bring before approving your application. You can, however, be approved the same day — as long as everything is verified.

Can Rent A Center put me in jail?

As long as you communicate with your Rent-A-Center and don’t do anything illegal, you don’t need to worry about going to court or jail. Rent-A-Center generally won’t call the police or press charges.

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Why is rent a center so expensive?

Items with shorter lease terms — less expensive products, such as cell phones — often end up with the highest APRs. This happens because Rent-A-Center still charges rents that can exceed the original cash price of the item, and the customer is required to pay that sum within a smaller time period.

What happens if you miss a rent a center payment?

Life happens. At any time, you can contact your store to schedule a return of your product or return the merchandise in person and pause your payments. When you’re ready, you can come back, reinstate your agreement to get the same or comparable item, and pick up your payments right where you left off.

Does Rent A Center pay weekly?

How often are you paid. Weekly are biweekly ? We were paid weekly.

Does Rent A Center rent air conditioners?

Why Rent-to-Own an Air Conditioner at Rent-A-Center

And having reliable air conditioning does more than improve your quality of living. … So, cool them down with a new air conditioner! At Rent-A-Center, you can find affordable air conditioners so you can keep your home as cool as you like it.

Are Rent A Center items used?

Did you know that at Rent-A-Center you have the option to rent or purchase gently used furniture? … All furniture items returned to RAC are inspected and thoroughly cleaned with cleaners appropriate to the material type. We make sure all knobs, handles, bolts, rails, and other hardware are intact.1 мая 2015 г.

Does Rent A Center have insurance?

To give you peace of mind that you’re protected when something unexpected happens to your electronics, furniture, appliances, computers, or smartphones, Rent-A-Center offers the Liability Damage Waiver (LDW).

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Can Aarons bring the police to my house?

No, it is a civil matter not criminal. They will call and threaten legal action but that’s it. I once rented a dining room set from Aaron’s (same as RAC) and I missed a payment and with Aaron’s, theirs is monthly not weekly so it’s more than missing a payment at RAC.

Can rent a center ruin your credit?

No, Rent-A-Center will not help you build credit, as the company’s pay-to-own model does not require a credit check or specifically involve borrowing money. … Collections accounts and court judgments would manifest themselves as “derogatory marks” on your credit report and do considerable damage to your credit score.

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