Tc electronics tone print

How does TC Electronic’s TonePrint work?

TC Electronic’s ‘TonePrint®’ app lets you use your phone’s speakers to beam TonePrints directly into your guitar pickup to drastically change your TonePrint pedal. Reassign knob functions, tweak parameters, adjust EQ responses – instant inspiration at your fingertips.

What is TC Electronic TonePrint?

A TonePrint is a unique signature preset of an effect that’s build from the ground up by an artist to suit his or her needs, or – made by you to finally nail that sound in the back of your mind that’s been eluding you forever.

Is TC Electronic Flashback analog?

Q: The information on the upcoming TC Electronic Flashback X4 pedal says that it has “analog dry through.” What does this mean? … So, in a nutshell, the dry analog signal from your guitar is never converted to and from digital. Some players feel that this provides a more “pure,” uncolored result.

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