Snap circuits electronics kits

Which snap circuits should I buy?

10 Best Snap Circuits & Snap Kits Reviewed

  1. Jr. SC-100 Electronics Exploration. …
  2. Classic SC-300 Electronics Exploration. …
  3. Illumination Electronics Exploration Kit. …
  4. Alternative Energy Green Electronics. …
  5. PRO SC-500 Electronics. …
  6. Elenco FM Radio. …
  7. Snap Circuits Extreme 750R. …
  8. UC-30 Electronics Exploration Upgrade.

What is Electronic Snap Circuits?

Snap Circuits is a line of electronic kits manufactured by Elenco Electronics and aimed at children eight years and older. … Snap Circuits has been praised for exposing young children to elementary engineering concepts.

What age are snap circuits for?


Are Snap Circuits safe?

Are Snap Circuits Safe? Snap Circuits are very safe to use because there is no soldering of components needed. No tools are needed to use these kits either.

What do snap circuits teach?

Using the Snap Circuits Junior kits, students will be introduced to the basic properties of electricity and electronics. They will learn the fundamentals behind circuitry and how circuits are used in all of the technological devices we use today.

When were snap circuits invented?

Its toy division was created in the late 1990s, and Snap Circuits took off. Initially they were sold in specialty toy stores and mid-sized retailers.

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