City of boston electronics recycling

What is the best way to dispose of old electronics?

Consider the following options for recycling electronics:

  1. Find a Take-Back or Trade-In Program. …
  2. Research Retailer Recycling Programs. …
  3. Visit a Local E-Waste Collection Event. …
  4. Locate a Local Electronics Recycler. …
  5. Sell Your Old Electronics.

How do I dispose of old electronics in India?

There are a number of ways in which one can dispose of e-waste in India. One can leave the items at e-waste drop-off bins offered by NGOs/CSR organizations. This is recommended only for discarding non-hazardous waste. Alternatively, one can go to e-waste collection centers in their city.

How do I recycle in Boston?

Recycling Containers

  1. Use a large recycling cart. If you live in a building with six units or less, you can request a free large blue recycling cart from the City. …
  2. Convert trash can into recycling bin. You can turn a trash can into a recycling bin with a sticker from 311. …
  3. No plastic bags.

How do I get rid of old furniture in Boston?

Place furniture you don’t want to donate out on the curb on trash day, which varies by Boston neighborhood. Do not bag furniture; just place it on the curb. The City of Boston accepts most furniture, including mattresses, carpet, chairs and other furniture.

Where can I turn in my old computer?

Most computer manufacturers are now offering take-back recycling, either by partnering with retailers like Best Buy, Goodwill or Staples, or through a mail-in program. You’ll want to search your manufacturer’s website for details on its specific program.

How do you dispose of electronics?

1. Bring It to the Recycler. Plenty of nonprofit organizations and local communities offer options to help you recycle old electronics. One group, Call2Recycle, offers drop-off locations for rechargeable batteries and cell phones all over the U.S. To find a location, just enter your ZIP code at

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What can I do with a non working TV?

How do you dispose of an old or broken TV?

  1. Donate your TV. There are many local charities that accept televisions that still work. …
  2. Take it to a recycling facility. Depending on where you live, they may offer a pick up service.
  3. Return it to the manufacturer. …
  4. Sell it. …
  5. Give it away for free.

Does Amazon take old electronics?

What happens to Amazon devices that I trade-in? … Fully functional Amazon devices may be sold as Used devices by Amazon Warehouse. If a device does not qualify for re-sale, we recycle the device through an Amazon-certified recycler.

How do you dispose of old printers?

Recycle old printers

The fastest and easiest way to get rid of old printers is to recycle them. Retailers like Best Buy often have labeled recycle bins in the store, so you can just drop off your printers in the designated bin. Other stores that have a recycling program include Target, Staples and Office Depot.

Does Boston really recycle?

Out of the more than 5.5 million tons of solid waste Massachusetts produces each year, only about 25 to 35 percent gets recycled. The rest goes to 12 active landfills in the state. But those sites are quickly filling up, and a third of the tonnage is trucked to Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York for disposal.

Can you recycle pizza boxes in Boston?

That pizza box is made from cardboard, which is in and of itself is recyclable. … Massachusetts residents are putting too much trash into recycling bins, officials say, things like pizza boxes, food-soiled paper plates, plastic grocery bags, and diapers and more.

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Can bubble wrap be recycled?

Some councils now offer a household collection for the recycling of bubble wrap alongside plastic film and carrier bags but this is still limited. Alternatively, bubble wrap can be recycled along with plastic film and carrier bags at collection points such as supermarkets.

Can I put a couch on the curb?

Leave It at the Curb

But you should always touch base with your local service provider before doing so. Some municipal and private trash collection services will charge extra to get rid of furniture in addition to your regular trash. … In some areas, furniture cannot be dumped at the curb at all.

Was Boston built on a landfill?

From All Over the Map: ” A large portion of the city sits on man-made land. Structures built on the landfill are supported by dozens of 30- to 40-foot-long wood pilings, similar to telephone poles, that reach down through the landfill to a harder layer of clay.

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