Another word for electronics

What is another word for electronic devices?

What is another word for electronic device?vacuum tubeelectron tubethermionic tubeVT

What’s another word for technology?

What is another word for technology?computerselectronicsapplied scienceelectronic componentsengineering sciencehigh techhi techindustrial sciencecomputingcyberneticsЕщё 5 строк

What is another word for doing the same thing?

Something that is repetitive involves doing the same thing over and over again.

What are some synonyms for Shocked?

Synonyms for

  • aghast.
  • amazed.
  • appalled.
  • astonished.
  • dismayed.
  • offended.
  • stunned.
  • upset.

What’s the opposite of electronic?

What is the opposite of electronic?offlineunwireddisconnectedunconnected

What is a synonym for device?


  • apparatus.
  • device.
  • gadget.
  • implement.
  • instrument.
  • mechanism.
  • tool.

What is the antonym of technique?

Antonyms. clumsiness inability ineptness maladroitness amateurishness.

What is another name for robots?

What is another word for robot?androidautomatonmachinebotautomationcomputercyborgdroidgolembionic personЕщё 4 строки

What’s a word for technological advancement?

What is another word for technological advancement?scientific advancementadvancementbreakthroughinnovationrevolutionleapheadwayenhancementevolutionameliorationЕщё 205 строк

What is a fancy word for unique?

Some common synonyms of unique are eccentric, erratic, odd, outlandish, peculiar, quaint, singular, and strange. While all these words mean “departing from what is ordinary, usual, or to be expected,” unique implies singularity and the fact of being without a known parallel.

How do you say same in different ways?


  1. alike.
  2. corresponding.
  3. dualistic.
  4. duple.
  5. duplex.
  6. equal.
  7. equivalent.
  8. identic.

What is it called when everyone is the same?

An egalitarian is a person who believes in the equality of all people, and an egalitarian society gives everyone equal rights. This is a word that means something close to equality and has to do with fairness. Monarchies are not egalitarian. … When you see this word, think about equality and freedom.

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What is a good word for surprised?

Some common synonyms of surprise are amaze, astonish, astound, and flabbergast. While all these words mean “to impress forcibly through unexpectedness,” surprise stresses causing an effect through being unexpected but not necessarily unusual or novel.

What is a bigger word for shocking?

In this page you can discover 87 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for shocking, like: appalling, horrendous, outrageous, dreadful, admirable, scandalous, revolting, surprising, fearful, awful and frightful.

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