Northrop grumman guidance and electronics company inc

Is Northrop Grumman a government company?

Northrop Grumman is a global aerospace, defense and security company. The majority of our business is with the U.S. government, principally the Department of Defense and intelligence community. In addition, we deliver solutions to global and commercial customers.

Is Northrop Grumman a defense contractor?

Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE: NOC) is an American global aerospace and defense technology company. With 90,000 employees and an annual revenue in excess of $30 billion, it is one of the world’s largest weapons manufacturers and military technology providers.

What companies does Northrop Grumman own?

Principal Subsidiaries: Allied Holdings, Inc.; California Microwave, Inc.; Comptek Research, Inc.; Federal Data Corporation; Grumman International, Inc.; Grumman Ohio Corporation; IRAN – Northrop Grumman Programs Service Company; Logicon Commercial Information Services Inc.; Logicon, Inc.; Logicon International, Inc.; …

Does Northrop Grumman make missiles?

Northrop Grumman designs and produces missile products including solid rocket motors and advanced high speed propulsion systems, fuzes, warheads, propellants and controls for air, sea and land-based systems.

Who owns Lockheed Martin?

Capital World Investors Capital Group

What weapons does Northrop Grumman make?

Innovation. Northrop Grumman specializes in innovating low-cost, highly reliable and precise weapons and ammunition for artillery and mortar systems, medium-caliber weapons platforms, battle tanks and individual soldiers.

Who is the largest military contractor?

Lockheed Martin

Who is the biggest military contractor?

Lockheed Martin

Who is the largest Defence contractor in the world?

Lockheed Martin Corporation

Who is the owner of Northrop Grumman?

Kathy Warden is chairman, chief executive officer and president of Northrop Grumman Corporation. She was elected chairman of the Northrop Grumman Board of Directors on August 1, 2019, and has served as CEO and president since January 1, 2019. She was elected to the company’s Board of Directors in 2018.

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Who bought Grumman?


Does Northrop Grumman make planes?

Since our inception, Northrop Grumman has been a pioneer in the development of manned aircraft. From fighter jets and stealth bombers to surveillance and electronic warfare, we’ve been providing manned solutions to customers worldwide since the 1930s.

Why did Northrop Grumman change their logo?

Northrop Grumman (NYSE: NOC) has launched a new logo that reflects the “pioneering spirit” of its employees. … -based Northrop said the “Forward Mark” logo is meant to emphasize the aerospace and defense company’s determination to lead the way in technological advancements.

Is Grumman still in business?

IN a historic move, Grumman Corporation – one of the nation’s largest aerospace contractors and the last remaining builder of fighter/bomber military aircraft in the Northeast – is shutting down its manufacturing facilities on Long Island, N.Y.

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