Associates in electronics engineering technology

What can I do with an associate’s degree in engineering technology?

In addition to engineering technician positions, graduates with associate’s degree in civil engineering technology can work as an engineering surveyor, inspector or design technician. Some industries where mechanical engineers may work include: Aerospace. Automotive.

Is engineering technology a good degree?

Engineering technology is one degree that is better to earn a community college than a four-year school, according to U.S. News & World Report. … Instead, you need extensive on-the-job training and certifications in the technologies that are used in the field.

Can you get a job with an Associates in engineering?

So an AS (or AAS) will get you an Engineering Technician job, which is a decent job in itself. The advantage of an associate’s in engineering is that a degree will help with the transfer process, should you decide to move to a 4-year program. … An associates degree is better than “some college” on a resume.

Is engineering technology the same as engineering?

Engineering Technology deals with the same topics as engineering, but the knowledge is more applied, as opposed to purely theoretical knowledge. … Engineering technology courses generally have labs associated with the courses that require applied or hands-on applications of the topics being studied.

What is the highest paying job with an associates degree?

24 Highest Paying Associate Degree Jobs

  • Air Traffic Controller. Salary: $124,540. Job Outlook: 3% …
  • Computer Programmer. Salary: $82,240. …
  • Radiation Therapist. Salary: $80,570. …
  • Nuclear Technician. Salary: $80,370. …
  • Nuclear Medicine Technologist. Salary: $75,660. …
  • Dental Hygienist. Salary: $74,070. …
  • Registered Nurse. Salary: $70,000. …
  • Web Developer. Salary: $67,990.
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Can you be a software engineer with an associate’s degree?

Although employers typically prefer candidates with a four-year degree, an associate degree can open the door to entry-level jobs in the field. Students may choose to pursue majors in several related areas, such as software engineering technology or software systems engineering.

What do technology engineers make?

An early career Technical Engineer with 1-4 years of experience earns an average total compensation of $64,037 based on 90 salaries. A mid-career Technical Engineer with 5-9 years of experience earns an average total compensation of $73,480 based on 46 salaries.

What is the difference between an engineer and a technologist?

Technologists are focused on the application of designs, while engineers are oriented toward the development of design and analytical skills. Their educational programs are vastly different from each other as engineers have more complex math subjects and pure sciences classes than technologists.

What does technology engineer do?

A professional engineering technologist’s job responsibilities require technical and practical knowledge. They can apply their abilities in using technical equipment, selling technical products, serving as manufacturers’ technical representatives, or supervising varied construction projects and manufacturing processes.

Is an associate degree worthless?

On a professional level, Associate degrees are useless. … On a professional level, Associate degrees are useless. Most professional positions require a Bachelors degree for entry-level employment and an Associate degree does not meet this requirement.

What jobs hire with an associate’s degree?

List of Associate Degree Jobs

  • Advertising Sales Agent.
  • Air Traffic Controller.
  • Allergy Technician.
  • Architectural Drafter.
  • Architectural Technician.
  • Audio & Video Equipment Technician.
  • Avionics Technician.
  • Biomedical Technician.
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What is an associate level engineer?

As such, it may have a different meaning, depending on the organization. Usually, an associate-level role is assigned to a junior or mid-ranking engineers. Her main role is to perform routine engineering tasks under the supervision of a senior engineer, while gaining the skills she needs to lead and manage projects.

Is technology an engineer?

Engineers apply scientific, theoretic, and economic knowledge to research, invent, design, and build structures, devices, and systems, making for a broad discipline that encompasses specialized fields of engineering. Engineering technologists develop, design, and implement engineering and technology.

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